Having a theme for a corporate family day event is always a brilliant idea as it makes your event stand out from the rest and can engage your guests more effectively.

Family Day Themes

We create bespoke themes to suit every occasion and every budget. Check out this page for the Top 10 themes for Family Day events in India.

Carnival Theme

Carnival Theme Family Day Activities The traditional funfair is always the inspiration for gypsy entertainment, with its clowns, acrobats, and other circus acts.

Superhero Theme

Superhero theme This is a popular theme among children. This theme allows them to unleash their inner superheroes! The guests can become superheroes for a day, whether they are masked wonders or cape crusaders like Superman or Batman. The superhero theme includes iconic characters with stunning decor, props, and lighting.

Bollywood Theme

Bollywood Theme It is always popular when it comes to these events. It doesn’t matter if it is Family Day, Annual Day, or Gala Night.

This theme is unique because it includes a Red Carpet Welcome, a larger-than-life canvas, rich velvet drapes, Dhol Beaters (dhol beaters), a Live Piano Bar with Fire Jugglers and Chandeliers, a Photo Booth, Life Size Cutouts of Bollywood Stars as well as Bollywood Silhouettes, Bollywood Entertainers and Bollywood Entertainers.

Back To School Theme

This theme allows kids to get a hands-on experience of their daily activities and celebrate those fond memories from school.

This theme is a great one for kids’ activities. Children are good at activities involving colors, crafts, letters, shapes, and sorting. We can plan adult activities like minute-to-win, jumbled words, drama societies, etc.

Village Theme

Plan your family day out with a Village Theme. This is a great idea to spend a day with family in the village. There are many rural games and activities, as well as lots of traditional village food.

We will take care of all the details to create a village-themed party that is rustic and rural.

Winter Wonderland Theme

Winter Wonderland This theme is perfect for Family Day Events that are celebrated in November or December.

The guests can get into the holiday spirit. The winter wonderland theme will be a hit with its fun decorations, live Santa, and secret gifts.

Spring Fest Theme

Welcome your colleagues and friends to Spring Fest with vibrant colors. Spring Fest, like the previous theme, is a season-oriented theme that is best celebrated at the beginning of spring.

This theme is a beautiful combination of pastel colors, polka dots, sunflowers, and street food.

Big Top Circus Theme

You can celebrate any age with a Big Top Circus Theme Party.

Everyone loves the circus. Now, it is coming to your town. Circus tents, circus elephants, clowns, and fairy rides are always a hit with people of all ages. This theme is perfect for a Family Day.

Colors Of India Theme

India is a country of festivals and fairs. India has more festivals than any other country in the world. They are celebrated almost every day.

Colors of India theme is where we bring to life the rich culture of India and introduce kids to its spirit.

Pirates Theme

Decorate the venue as a pirate ship with treasures, parrots, and skeletons.

You can set the mood by inviting guests to dress as pirates. Prizes can be looted from the gold chest. Plan games around it. A dessert station with gold chocolate coins will help to reinforce the theme.